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Re-Entering Hell, BassLady Seeks Advice


Carolanne book2BassLady here... I've got a new job, but I can't think of anything else to call myself.

I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm now in need of some reassurance...

Anyway, after over six months of unemployment, (my exit was rather spectacular. Heh.) I got a job as a part-time seasonal character at a tourist attraction.

On a mountain.

For minimum wage.... Aw hell, a gig is a gig, right? I'll be earning cash-ola for presents, right?

Uh, yeah.... I keep telling myself that.

So now I get to squeeze my fat ass into a mini skirt and then freeze it off, directing sheeple to the obese personification of the winter solstice celebration. That's right, I have to stand outside.

In costume.

With NO coat; and I'm supposed to act like it's summer vacay, or something.

So.... lots and LOTS of layers....

Carolanne freaked 1HOLY Thrognar's balls, RHU! I've lost my ever-loving MIND!!

What I'm most worried about is keeping my cool if/ when some mom-zilla barks at me for telling her spawn to get off the rail from the 700-METER DROP! Or, somebody expecting to see something, but it's night, and DUH... no light.

I heard that management there is great, and backs up their people, so we'll see...

Friday, 21 Nov. is my first day, so please pray for me to whatever passes as your higher power. Any encouragement you can give a poor, old (well, 39) slave re-entering hell is appreciated, too. :-)

With much trepidation,






Best of luck out there!

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