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Carolanne naughty 3From: RHUer

For the record, Target doesn’t have music playing. They’re shooting for “Distraction free shopping.”

It’s great at Christmas though, no having to put up with 500 versions of Jingle Bells.

I didn’t realize until yesterday (4th day at a new job) what I love about this new place: NO MUSIC. NO GODDAMN MOTHER&^&^%& CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

*happy dance*





Account Deleted

Lucky duck!


my target is weird; every 4th song is Christmas related.

-timber by ke$ha
-save tonight by eagleeye cherry
-sexy back (this song comes up tooo much) by justin timberlake
then out of nowhere -mistletoe by justin beiber.
then it goes back to normal songs, then suddenly "last christmas i gave you my heart..."(there are 2 versions of that song in rotation.)


People don't realize there is no music. When I point it out they are shocked, lol

Kai Lowell

Huh. I never realized there was no music either. Guess that's why I like shopping there so much.

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