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I Sincerely Hope This Is About Balloons...

Holiday Hell: One At A Time! No Pushing! You'll All Get Your Chance!


Carolanne barfFrom: RHUer

I would say I can't believe it, but I believe just about anything now... We have achieved Valentines Day candy, folks!

And we have to set it before New Years. Ahh, yes. Nothing says "I Love You" better than two-month-old candy. 

Apparently, we also had Easter eggs up last week until someone complained. They'll probably be back on Tuesday... 

Do we even remember which holiday we're approaching? Hang on, let me think.... I know it has something to do with it being WINTER... Let's see... maybe the music being piped through the speakers for the last two months is a clue-by-four...

OH YEAH! CHRISTMAS! (And other holidays of course.)

For Fuck's Sake, one holiday at a time!





Account Deleted

V-Day? What is V-Day?

Jason Anderson

the real question is..."is it on sale yet?"

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