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Xmas2009 012From: Stagathor

I'm working the switchboard of a hospital (worst fucking shift ever)

Me: Thank you for calling hospital, how may I direct your call?

Bitchy patient: I'd like to be connected with so and so's office. And don't put me on that damn recording.

Me: (eye roll) One moment please. (transfer)

Next phone call.

Me: Thank you for calling hospital, how may I direct your call?

BP: No one is answering! I need to cancel my appointment for tomorrow. You're all incompetent!

Me: I'm sorry about that, I just work the switchboard. Let me find out what's going on and off she's even in office today.

BP: Fine, but don't put me on that damn recording.

Xmas2009 172Me: Well, I have to put you on hold to call her office. The recording is automatic, I have no control over it.

I put her on hold and called the office. I also get no response and she's not showing up as available on our IM system. Tired of dealing with this bitch, I decided to cancel her appointment, even though I'm not supposed to. I pick up her line and she's holding down a button in frustration.

Me: Ma'am, I couldn't reach anyone either, but I'm going to--

BP: This is bullshit! My appointment is tomorrow!!! And I told you not to put me on that fucking recording! 

Me: (losing my patience and cutting off her rant.) I need you to calm down and let me finish my sentence you rudely interrupted. First, stop cursing at me. Second, I told you I have no control over the recording and I told you I needed to put you on hold to find the office admin. Third, before you interrupted me, I was going to say I was going to cancel it for you, even though I'm not supposed to. Now, what is your name and date of birth?

She changed her tune when I told her I'd do what she wanted. I hate the fucking switchboard.





Account Deleted

Hey, the recording's kind of good. I mean, if you get put on hold and all you get is silence, you might be concerned that you accidentally got hung up on (or on purpose)


Yeah, but when it spends all the time telling you that you're a valuable customer, it gets old. Triply so when it's accompanied by 'uplifting' music.

I got put on hold once and it was the Imperial March (Vader's theme) from Star Wars. I didn't mind that.


I hate recordings that cut over to the "you're a valuable customer" crap and then cut back to the elevator music. Makes me keep thinking they've picked the line back up.

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