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RHUer Frustrations Over Nasty Ass Thieves


Xmas2009 038From: RHUer

If stores are to treat customers like guests in their own home, then thieves should get a shotgun salute. If someone stole from me, I’d seriously injure them. I wouldn’t treat them like a guest.

I really don’t like living in a dystopia… but I guess it can’t be fixed. I think we’re all doomed.

It all boils down to a serious failure of long-term consequences. You can't stop thieves, you can't accuse them, you can just follow them around, staring, only to be complained about to a manager.

Any store where this happens should have to deal with people constantly coming in, grabbing whatever it is they want, then zipping out the exit while crying aloud, “Nya nya! Can’t touch me! Company policy protects me!” Maybe they'd wise up, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

To make matters worse, some piece of crap tried to break into a shop once and hurt himself. He sued the shop owner because he got hurt and WON…

And they wonder where the work ethic went. America everyone. :-/





Account Deleted

...seriously? "I committed a crime but got hurt, so it's totally YOUR fault"? That WORKED? Urgh no wonder I have no faith in humanity anymore. Logic has died out. Common Sense was never common to begin with. And Darwin was wrong, it isn't the strong and intelligent that survive considering how easily stupidity is surviving the ages...


Darwin's right, actually, GN. It's just the world insists on putting warning labels on everything so the idiots don't kill themselves with it.


"I'm not saying let's kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying let's remove the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out."

People are being taught that stupidity has no consequences at worst, and is rewarded at best (Yes, people have successfully sued after injuring themselves while breaking into places. One was because someone set a booby trap inside a window after having been robbed through it several times). 'Survival of the fittest' only works if the fit don't protect the unfit. "As a race, are we still hung up on that 'every life is vaulable' thing? 'cause I've got some examples to the contrary..."

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