Target Delivers a Package of Watch Batteries in a Huge Shipping Box
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They're as meh as they sound. Had to try 'em. Same ones you can get with the 50 cent burritos at grocery stores, though.

On the upside, they're stocking some frozen fries of various varieties that are better than most brands I've ever had!


There are different grades of beef. Prime is the best, but most of it goes to high end restaurants. ("Prime rib" is a specific thing; it has to be prime grade, otherwise it's a "standing rib roast". Most of the 'prime rib' at buffets is cheaper beef) Then there's choice, which is most of what's found at grocery stores. After that is select, which usually only shows up in stores as precut stew beef. Nothing WRONG with it, it just tends to have more connective tissue and such, so is better suited to long cooking.

These are probably select; my local store has ribeye steaks for 10.99 a pound, a little over twice this price. You might be able to 'upgrade' it with a trick I found on a youtube video. COVER it in salt, I mean tons of it, and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Take it out and wash all the salt off, then cook it like you normally would. This breaks down some of the proteins and makes it more tender, and seasons it as well. For a buck worth of meat and a few cents in salt, might be worth trying.

(Thanks for this post, by the way; while looking to see what the store was charging for ribeyes, I found out they have NY Strip on sale this week. Woot!)

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