SNL's Kate McKinnon Spoofs Justin Bieber For Calvin Klein
Illiterate Custy: "Damn What The Sign Says, I Want The Sale Price!"


Account Deleted

As the Simpsons' wonderfully explained it when Homer bought some rat-poison: "What is it with you kids, wanting to eat bright, candy-colored poison?"


The red one, I can totally see the complaint. It doesn't even have the mop on it. And BAKING soda being prominent might even further convince a small-ish child that it is juice, cause mommy/daddy bakes things and we eat the baked things.

I might be inclined to agree they should reconsider their labels and make the mop MUCH more prominent.

Doc Rugrat

I had to take a second look at the labels after reading the caption. At first glance I thought they WERE fruit drinks. They do need to re-do the labels. I would even go as far as using opaque bottles.

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