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From Yahoo:

Many people leave their valuables exposed in their hotel rooms while traveling, but one recent guest vows not to after his viral video of a curious maid who doesn’t steal anything, but sure seems interested in using his laptop and tablet.  

The video, uploaded by a YouTube user named Vince Stravix, claims to be taken at a “brand-name” American hotel on November 5 and is secretly recorded with his laptop camera. While the guest was away, the maid is seen taking a long look at a package he’d received, rifling through his video games, apparently trying to access the very laptop that’s recording her, picking up and playing with his tablet, looking inside his luggage, then apparently trying to access his laptop again. Only after all this does she actually get around to making his bed and cleaning his room.

The maid isn’t seen stealing anything and we can’t actually see her typing on the laptop. In three days since being published, the video had received over 2 million views and hundreds of comments, some of which defend the maid as just being curious while criticizing the YouTube user.

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Is it weird that my first question is WHY the laptop camera was on?


Probably for just this sort of thing.

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