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Illiterate Custy: "Damn What The Sign Says, I Want The Sale Price!"


Jason fuck youFrom: Stepford Snarker

A couple months back, I had a gentleman come through my line with quite a few cans of no salt added green beans. No salt added. Very important.

I started ringing them up, and he said, “No, those are supposed to be two for a dollar.”

Well, sometimes prices don't get put correctly into the system, so I went to check the price. The regular green beans were priced as two for a dollar, but the no salt added green beans were priced for what they were showing up as back at the register.

I explained this to Custy, who followed me to the aisle, and even showed him the tags that said specifically “no salt added.”

Custy argued, “But I found those cans here,” and pointed to the “two for a dollar” sign by the regular beans.

I apologized to him and said that someone put them in the wrong section, but that the sign was for the regular green beans, not the no salt ones, even showing him the UPC codes on the tags and cans.

Again, the customer insisted that he be given the sale price because he found the cans by the sale sign.

By this point, I was getting sick of dealing with the customer's nonsense and decided to let the manager on duty deal with it. Custy, of course, got what he wanted.

Which goes to show that even if you're an illiterate idiot, if you keep bitching and complaining, you'll get what you want.

--Stepford Snarker




Account Deleted

A reason why I generally check the tag under/above the item I am thinking of grabbing. Heck, sometimes I even go so far as to check the code number myself, to make sure it fits.

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