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RHUers Are About To Snap...


Jason oh my gawdFrom: Macushlalondra

One day I am going to blow up when I hear that "must be free" joke for the billionth time.

“Damn it! If I hear that pitiful excuse for a joke ONE MORE TIME I’m going to KILL the person who says it! You got that!? That joke was not funny the first time I heard it and it sure ain’t funny the billionth time either! From now on, NEVER say this to ANY retail employee or it will be cause for justifiable homicide! Get it???”




Most Custys Understand... It's Just Those Few...


Jason beerFrom: Rokas

I think I was working at Wal-Mart when we ran out of a product.

Fortunately most customers were understanding once I explained that it takes time to ship stuff and most of our stock has to be ordered weeks in advance. So sudden changes to the weather (like a blizzard preventing trucks from arriving) can’t always be accounted for.

We tend to focus on the bad ones, but honestly, most customers are decent enough so long as you treat them as if they had half a brain and explain things.

The bad ones… Well, you can’t do anything about them one way or the other.