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Jason Hear no evilFrom: Jim from SHAMT

I wish we could make customers understand… WE DON’T LIKE ASKING YOU THESE INANE QUESTIONS!!! But if we don’t, we LOSE our JOBS!!!

You customers have the power to stop this, not us! If enough people write/email/call the corporate office and threaten to stop shopping there if these questions don’t stop, then they will stop. 

One company at a time, soon the others will fall into place.

But that’s not going to happen, is it? After all, what you really like is to throw tantrums in public. It's not about stopping the problem... It's about venting your spleen on people who can't fight back.

Soooo... We will continue to have to ask you for personal information, and you will continue to be angry at the cashier, who is the least empowered to do anything about it.


--Jim from SHAMT




Account Deleted

Actually, if people went through with the threat of "If you don't stop asking those question, I will never shop here again" at one company, then continued to do so at more and more places, they would have NO place to go anymore. That won't happen, so...



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