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Bitchy Custys: Dad Pisses Off Baristas, Mom Shops Till Closing


Bitchycustys 2From: BargainQ

My parents are generally polite custys, EXCEPT when they're dealing with me...

I work in a book store, and they will regularly come in demanding a book without knowing the title, author, or where they heard about it, just a vague description. And when I say I can't help them and move on to custys with reasonable requests, they get super pissed.

On top of that, my dad will regularly complain loudly within earshot of the cafe baristas that they "always get it wrong" when it comes to his drink order, and it's always the same mistake--whipped cream when he wants none. An easy fix, and at this point I think the girls might be doing it intentionally since he's been so negative.

Mom, on the other hand, will rarely speak to a retail slave unless spoken to, but insists on shopping until the "We are closed, kindly GTFO" announcement and *then* head over to the cashier.

I've been out with her and pointed out the fifteen, the ten, the five minute announcement and tried to move her over to the register, but she continues browsing, insisting that the store is still open and she doesn't have to leave.






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