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Apple fanbois and 'reasonable' are never found in the same sentence unless 'aren't' is involved. EVERYTHING must revolve around their holy devices.

"If an apple owning vegan does crossfit, which do they tell you about first?"

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God forbid you have, like, Paypal. Or EC cards. Or credit cards. Or *GASP* BILLS!


Eh... I'm not a fan of paper money GN. So I can understand being frustrated that a retailer won't accept other methods of payment. But, yeah something like Apply pay and other such virtual wallets are new enough that throwing a fit over them is just ridiculous.

And on the subject of cash: I don't like to carry it around because I don't want to have to go to the bank frequently to obtain it. I don't want to pay fees for withdrawals or have to make a purchase to get cash back. To say nothing of whether or not the cashier HAS enough cash at a given time for cash back. There are sufficient means these days to enable merchants to accept credit and debit cards that in only a few venues would I really accept that cash only is the motto. Garage/yard/rummage sales, flea markets, and door-to-door freelance services such as yard work are some of the examples. Vendors at a county fair... maybe. But generally. However, I won't pitch a fit if they can't accept and IF there is a concern I'll ask first. S'what I did when I got my car detailed by a guy running his detailing shop out of his home. Turns out? He CAN accept cards though does not prefer them cause of the fee.


We just started being able to accept payments where people can use their phone as a bank card, and already I don't trust it. Already had one customer complain because he paid with his bank card via phone and got charged three times, and there isn't much we can do to troubleshoot because we don't know if it's a Subway derp or a bank card derp.

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@kitai: Guess this is an American thing, because my mother did have to explain to me that Americans tend to not carry cash on them (their wallets don't even HAVE a space for coins! The hell?) and prefer to do everything with their cards. I don't get it...

Fees for withdrawals? Really, when I go to a cash machine (which are also located in various locations from train stations to malls and such), I only get charged for a withdrawal if it's a machine from another bank. My own never charges me for withdrawing anything.


American here. I actually don't mind carrying cash (coins go in your pocket, GN. At least that's what I was taught.) and prefer, actually, to pay in cash. Cash doesn't suddenly crash mid-transaction and leave you wondering whether your card's been charged or not, can't be hacked and leave you with nothing, and is accepted everywhere. Not to mention you always know how much you have on hand without needing to stop at an ATM and get a balance check.

I've dealt with debit cards and personally hate the damn things. Best use for it: stopping at a cash machine and withdrawing cash.


American also - my wallet has a pocket for coins, it's more a matter of personal preference than a cultural universality. But I try to empty out the coins frequently because they're heavy and bulky. It does make sense that Americans would be less likely to hold on to coins, since they are all worth less than a dollar, unlike coins in many other countries.

I prefer using my debit card over cash, because I'm much more likely to make impulse purchases if I've got cash on hand.


And that's why the repeated push for dollar coins keeps failing. They're heavy, they're clumsy, they're only really useful for vending machines, and it should be telling that everywhere they HAVE succeeded, they only did so by removing the dollar bills and giving people no other choice.

I use my card because it means I don't have to try and remember how much money I have in my pocket, or find an ATM in my credit union network to avoid withdrawal fees.

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