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Gross Retail Hell: Fuel The Vomit Cannon! Ready? Aim! Fire!


Skullies eewwFrom: Waitslave

I was waitressing one day when a devil spawn decided to vomit at me. If I had been two inches further forward I would have been covered with vomit for the next six hours of my shift.

It was a banquet event.

Did the spawn's parents take him home or to a hospital? No, they kept him at the table trying to feed him and having him vomit into the water glasses (which I later threw in the garbage, but ew...)

So... Your spawn is sick: vomiting copiously. Your game plan was to...

1) Stay at the event

2) Continue shoving vomit fuel down his throat and...

3) when the inevitable happens, provide him with drinking receptacles to spew into.

Fuck you. Fuck you so hard.






Account Deleted

Did they demand a reduction on their bill because "Your food made my precious vomit"?


Wait, no one else was repulsed by this? What kind of event was this?!


It wasn't the kid's fault for getting sick in a public venue. That's why I wouldn't necessarily label the kid as "devil spawn." The parents, on the other hand, should have been asked to take the kid outta there so that the kid can recuperate.

Trying to feed a vomiting kid sounds like child abuse to me.

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