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We Don't Want Your Real Money; We Would Rather Lose This Sale Entirely!


Carolanne argh 3From: Catsup

I remember years ago working the jewelry counter at a former employer.

My customer was buying a diamond bracelet for his wife, one for his girlfriend, and one for his lady on the side. No comment...

Anyway, the store manager walked up, and kept pressuring him to open a credit account, "You'll save 10%! It has lots of other benefits too... blah blah blah."

Eventually the customer looked at me, apologized for wasting my time, and said he was leaving; he figured that paying with actual money in his actual wallet was apparently not what my employers were interested in.

I just turned and stared at my dumbfounded manager until he slunk away.

And that's how my store manager lost a huge sale...




If Your Drawer Is Perfect, You Are Immediately Suspect


Jason okay thenFrom: Kefo_of_the_Mountain

We were having troubles with our drawers one time... they just weren't coming up even, and it was always below what it should have been.

I know a small amount is normal, but these were way below.

I remember when our drawers were so off that they put me (I was a stock runner) on a drawer one night just to see if something was off. My drawer was perfect so of course they thought I did something wrong.

I did, I knew how to count change....

They gave me the side eye for a long time before finally discovering who was actually doing the screw ups.




Jimmy Kimmel Gathers Group of Doctors To Do PSA For Parents Who Refuse To Get Their Kids Vaccinated


From Viral Viral Videos:

It was only 100 years ago when children and young people died from diseases like polio and the measles. Thankfully, those destructive viruses have nearly been eradicated in the West. But they are making a terrible resurgence! And it’s not because the vaccines don’t work.

It’s because ignorant parents aren’t vaccinating their kids anymore because of misinformation they find on the Internet.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is shocked by this new trend which is especially prevalent in Los Angeles where he lives. So to finally put an end to the misinformation, Jimmy rallied together a group of real medical doctors to offer a very special message for the anti-vaccine people.