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New Nieslen Poll Ranks Wegman's Grocer as Company with Best Reputation



From Huff Po:

People love Wegmans.

The Rochester, New York-based grocer has unseated Amazon as the firm with the best corporate reputation among a list of 100 highly visible companies, according to an annual Nielsen poll released this week.

Weg3In an age where social media anthropomorphizes products -- from toilet paper to body wash -- branding matters. And although Wegmans has only 85 stores, the company has built a cult following online. Fans applaud the supermarket's decent wages, wide selection of prepared foods and reasonable prices.

Amazon ranked second in the Nielsen poll, followed by Samsung, Costco, Johnson & Johnson and Kraft Foods. The company with the worst reputation on the list was Goldman Sachs.

To determine the rankings in the Harris Poll Reputation Quotient study, evaluated annually for the last 16 years, Nielsen conducted an online survey in English of 27,278 U.S. respondents between Oct. 20 and Dec. 18.








Wegmans is awesome. I totally drank the Wegmans Kool-Aid when I was in college and I'm super-thrilled that there's one near me now. :-D I held onto my shopper's club card for 15 years and it still worked when this new one opened last year. Hooray for Wegmans!

McHell Manager

My Fiance's great uncle once lectured me on how I was spending too much money at Wegmans and how it's too upscale and I was trying to act high and mighty and show off or something like that because I perfer Wegmans over Tops (local East Coast competition).

I've been at Wegmans when it's really busy, but the staff there never seem overwhelmed. I've stood in line before at the self check outs, and the catering worker saw me standing there and offered to check me out at her (catering only) register! Everyone there seems friendly and upbeat because they get treated awesomely. Meanwhile at Tops they act like normal grocery workers: "...Yeah, I'm here for a paycheck..."

(It's funny though, because the same day that the Great Uncle was lecturing me about saving my money and going to places like CostCo or Aldi, he had just been conned into buying the LATEST Smartphone, and his phone rep had him convinced that he could buy the Latest iPhone in a month. But when we told him what he could do with his newfangled phone, he wasn't interested. Internet? Nah, didn't need it. Youtube? He can't see so why would he want to watch videos? Well if he can't see, texting is out. So in the same breath that he yelled at us for wasting money, he wasted all this money on a smartphone that he's just going to use to call people, and nothing else. )

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