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worst is when you get 2 or 3 in a row.

the 4th one says (like I'm discriminating) "But this is the smallest bill i have!"

me -"just a second" *fake smile* as i run to another register, quickly so the transaction (because there is still a MASSIVE line at the now cash-empty register)

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Fortunately, majority of cash machines I have encountered over the last year or so have a wonderful option added to it. You input how much you want to take out (like 100€) and the machine asks you "How would you like the bills to be split?"

And it ranges from 2x50€ or 1x50€, 2x20€ and 1x10€ and similar. It's wonderful! And if it happens to be a machine that doesn't offer this, overall it's a good idea to get an uneven amount of money out, so it has to separate and give you at least SOME smaller bills. Like getting 70€ out and at most you have a 50 and a 20 bill.


Honestly, I have a hard time figuring how the hell this happens in the first place. Every ATM I've ever used spits out $10 and $20 bills, not $50 or $100 bills.

So the only thing I can think of is they're going in to their bank, saying "Gimme a hundred, just the one bill" and then being assholes to the world flashing that much cash around.

I felt good being behind one of these idiots. "It's the smallest bill I got." "Why not go back to the bank you got it from, fuckhead, and get smaller bills? This is Burger King, not a fucking bank."

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