You Had One Job Firefighter
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Yeah that is when you walk in, see the explosion, and walk right back out. Call in sick today.


When I worked at Rubik's Cube, we couldn't use the vacuum cleaner to clean up toner spilled from cartridges that were being recycled. The explanation given was that the toner would melt in the vacuum cleaner and destroy it. So we had to wet mop the stuff.

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You vaccum toner? This looks like it would require a mop.


Toner's an electrostatic power that's heat activated. It's also stupidly fine, and I've killed a vacuum trying to clean up a desk printer toner spill once, and had it blow toner dust through the HEPA filter.

For reference, it clogs up the commutator in the motor, preventing proper electrical flow inside the brushed motor. End result is, at least in my case, a vacuum that barely turns the suction pump and a bigger mess to clean up. With a wet rag.

Yeah, it's nasty stuff in its own right. Never again will I be cheap and try to refill my own cartridges. It's just a disaster waiting to happen.

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