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Jason Retail HellFrom: Kate

I work at a book store. Some of our art books are fairly expensive and come shrink-wrapped (which more often than not, gets removed by customers).

I once had a woman come up to me with two art books, one that was shrink-wrapped, one not. She complained about the one that wasn't shrink-wrapped because she wanted to buy it and wasn't sure it was "new" enough, then complained about the one that was shrink-wrapped because she couldn't look through it before purchasing it.

At that point, my brain exploded.

*Sigh* No, but I wish it had. It would have made my brain hurt less.

I offered to order a brand new copy of the non-shrink-wrapped one, and told her she was welcome to remove the shrink-wrap of the one she still wanted to look at, but warned her that after she did that it would, um, no longer have shrink-wrap.






At the uni bookstore I work at, we have all sorts of textbook packages that come with multiple books or online access codes or such, so we keep a giant roll of cling wrap out back to re-wrap books as needed. Saves having to send the books back to the warehouse/publisher. Not quite as pretty, but it does the job.

Of course, we don't use that as an excuse to let people look inside though, as we've no way to tell if someone's taken a photo of the online code and used it. If anything, I'm surprised at how little people have attempted to open a pack to get to the codes and leave them opened on shelf - I'm hoping it's because of the law subjects being taught are actually sinking in!

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