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Nasty Ass Thief Retail Slaves: Stealing Money By Claiming It's Counterfeit


Jason MoneyFrom: Meggles

Ughh working in retail for years I can spot a counterfeit... it still sucks to be on the other end though.

Whats worse is (my little sister encountered this) retail slaves willing to take tweenies money, claiming counterfeit and keep it as there own!

True story, my little fifteen year old sister went to a shoe store with a $20 and a bunch of friends to buy shoes.

The retail girls there told my sister and her friends they were attempting to rip them off and use fake money (my sister hadn't attempted to buy yet).

Fast forward a few months, I ask my sis to borrow $20. She says she can't; she only has a counterfeit $20

I check for the face in the bill (as per Canadian bills) sure enough its real! Makes me wonder how often these bitches ripped poor girls off on a regular basis.







Account Deleted

Did nobody think to ask the retailer how she can tell if it's counterfeit or to please double-check?

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