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New Glasses Help Color Blind People See Colors


From Viral Viral Videos:

Around 300 million people in the world have some level of color-blindness. Many cannot see the difference between red and green. Some only see shades of grey. Valspar Paint wanted to bring color to the color blind, so they worked with scientist, ophthalmologists, and EnChroma to create special glasses that can separate the colors.

When color blind people see color for the first time they naturally become emotional. This touching video has gone viral with over 750,000 views

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Ok, I want to see those. Or more precisely, see through them...


More info; apparently they're 350$, and they're giving them away if you put up a good story on their page.


Red/Green/Brown and Blue/Purple here. Yeah, I got the crap end of the stick. I can tell some variations apart, but others just blur together and I can't tell those apart.

But, despite the fact that I know I'm colorblind, I wouldn't trade it, personally, for anything. I'm not sure whether it's my minor lack of color vision, or just how my eyes are, but I can see in very low-light situations, and adjust quickly.

But I understand the wish to see in full color. There have been a few times where I wished, for just a moment, that I could tell a shade of red or brown or green apart, or where I looked stupid in front of friends because I claimed a shade of dark blue was purple.

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...Okay, I'll do it.
Will this let me see whether THE DRESS is actually white-gold or blue-black?


I'm also colorblind in that all the colors blend together to me. Light colors such as red, orange, yellow, pink, all look the same. Dark colors such as green, blue, purple, and black all look the same. The Dress, depending on which picture was shown (crazy internets) I saw it as brown and silver or purple and blue. So all I did was laugh at the famous colors debate.

These glasses I'm sure would be something of wonder to people who have it worse than me. Although all color is blended together for me at least I can see in color. I would be sad if I could only see in grey.

Although, I will admit, I'm very curious what the world would look like if colors were separate.


Madrias, that's about the same as mine. An online test called it Deuteranopia. And I have the same super-low-light vision; once it's adjusted, I can read in light levels where most people would be groping blindly for a light switch.

Or used to be able to, getting old and my eyes are going...

Beaches; that happens to me sometimes too. Or I see colors that I KNOW are one thing and see them as something else. Fluttershy from MLP:FIM is bright yellow with a light pink mane and tail. I've never seen her body as anything but yellow, but the mane/tail sometimes appear as gray. I've never had trouble with stoplights because the dark red is very different from the 'green' which looks mostly white to me, but occasionally I do between the red and yellow.

GN, the manufacturer said the dress was blue and black, so I'm going with that. :P


Where I live the traffic lights don't stand out to me. So the red light and the yellow light look the same. I've self taught myself to go with whatever is brightest. If it's the very top then it must be red, if its the very bottom then it must be green. Middle is yellow, so there ya go. Also, for the longest time I thought Fluttershy was white with pink mane and tail. :D

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