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NTI Data Compiles 34 Funny Warning Label Slip-Ups


34 Funny & Stupid Warning Labels to Laugh at and Avoid [infographic]

 From NTI Data:

Missing labels devalue products. When labels are absurd or inaccurate, they lose authority. Messing with labels seems fun but labels are considered to be the final word as an authority. If people lose faith in labels, systems would fail.

These examples of unusual labels gives us a reason to laugh but also keeps the NTI Data Products team motivated to be precise with every label design. We can help you with your label design here:

Watch your labels more closely, you may find a few surprises.






Whoever wrote this seems a little...special. I use the shower cleaner stuff in the one labeled 'this is just confusing'. It makes perfect sense. It's an automatic sprayer that, when you're done with the shower, push the button and it sprays the cleaner. It says 'don't replace the batteries when it's wet', since you have to turn it upside down to replace the batteries, you should remove the liquid filled bottle that works like a water cooler to prevent it spilling; when you push the bottle on it punches through a fiber seal and can splash so don't stand where it's going to splash, and it's not soap dumbass.

That last, along with some of the others are anti-dumbass 'don't sue us because you're stupid' labels. Some are Engrish; fourth from the bottom is a badly translated label on a remote control helicopter blade that says 'if the blade is damaged, it could be dangerous so don't use it'.

If people manage to hurt themselves by doing something stupid and claim it was the labels that did it, they should be laughed out of the court and posted on websites for people to know how dumb they are for the rest of their lives. Along with the goober who wrote this..

"I'm not saying let's kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying let's remove the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out." It shouldn't be necessary to put a label on a vacuum cleaner saying 'Don't stick your dick in here'. A label saying 'don't pick up the chainsaw by the blade end' shouldn't be required. If you're dumb enough to do that, you need the lesson.


Completely with you there, TT, we should take off all labels that aren't just operating instructions.

This entire list is compiled by someone who examines all labels closely to see if they can use them against the companies to sue them, has found nothing so will point at them and wail at how you have to use your brain.

I can, almost, understand "not suitable for 36 months or under" type labels because it can only take a moment to not think and give a child an item slightly too small, but only almost. Most of the other warning labels in the world are just taking away IQ to read.

Kai Lowell

I'm also in full agreement that we should just remove warning labels and let the morons sort themselves out...


Molly_Mog, that kind of label isn't a bad one. Knowing what age of kid the thing is intended for is not bad. If someone then chooses to give it to a younger one and they explode the dog or something, that's on them, not the company.


Hmmm, exploding dog syndrome. I am forewarned.


Considering some of the incident reports I've had to write or policy changes I had to suggest to higher ups, each one of those ridiculous/blazingly stupid warnings are directly related to a case where somebody did that and killed/injured themselves and/or sued the company.


InSecurity; that's what I meant by 'don't sue us because you're stupid'. Someone did something blatantly stupid, and instead of thinking "Wow, that was dumb, maybe I shouldn't do that", they've been taught "I'm going to be rich!" by idiots suing and winning. Hence the things like the label on a cup of HOT coffee ordered from a menu saying HOT coffee saying 'contents may be hot', or a jar of peanut butter with 'may contain peanuts'. Instead of 'don't be a dumbass' we're encouraging people to be idiots.

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