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Crazy People Hell: A Zinger For The Bitchy Whiner


Jason heres to youFrom: Never_Been_Missed

I'm at the front of the line waiting for a service person when someone comes stumbling up to me, mumbles something incoherent that ends in "forgot something" and then cuts in front of me (and the others in line behind me) to go to the server who is now available.

Having had my share of the crazy in my life recently, I don't protest but just stand there watching calmly as the line cutter is served.

Suddenly, the woman behind me practically screams in my ear "What the hell? Why did you let her in first?!?"

I turn around and tell her that I think the person who cut in front is either special needs or drunk, either way it isn't worth the effort to stop her (this is a donuts shop, so really, should be quick).

She gets in my face and starts on me about how that's crap and I should have stepped in and told her to go to the back of the line.

I reply, "Look. This woman is either special needs, in which case she can't understand, or stupid, in which case she won't understand. Either way, it isn't worth my time to try to explain it to her."

Just then, the line cutter was done and I started toward the open server. As I started to head over there, the angry woman behind me pipes up and says "I just don't get people like you."

To which I reply, looking back at her with as big a smile as I could muster, "I could try to explain it to you, but I'm sure you won't understand..."