Drive Thru Make Out Prank
Sidewalk Signage on Buying Rugs


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Why do people bitch so much about it? Far as I know, the time is always changed on Sunday 2 AM. At a time when people are usually asleep and on a day when people generally don't have anything huge or important planned. It really is not a big deal to bitch about.


Because it screws up your daily schedule for the next week or so.

I wish they'd just set one variation or the other, either DST on or DST off, but stop wasting time changing clocks and screwing up my sleep schedule.

Late Night Geek

Try working it and losing an hour to get the same stuff done. We got lucky and most people got here on time. The only person who wasn't picked a fit since we didn't start the person's job for th. *headdesk*

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