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Bullseye Hell: A Question From A Fellow Red Shirt


Bullseye 1Dear Retailhell,

It's Janitorgirl again, and I have a question to other Bullseye team members. Can you look up our in-store credit/debitcard for a custy using a phone number or a social security number?

Because there is an epidemic of custy's who think we can. We can't- there is no button for it.

When I get the "I have a redcard, but not with me."

I say, "Ok, I can give you the 5% off." (The discount is the only real benefit in my opinion.) This satisfies them 90% of the time.


(For newbie cashiers who don't know we are allowed to offer the discount, the anger is much worse.)

The cashier explains there is no system in place to look up a card. Then the custy will start to name all the other stores that can look up a card with a phone number or social security.

BullseyeAll true. Those places are very awesome- still dosen't change the fact that our store can't.

Then they ask for a manager. Some do it in person, some on the phone. (as I witnessed today)-

Manager: "... very sorry, but we have no system in place----yes I understand that several places can look it up using a---no I will not take your social security number over the phone! --- I'm sorry if you think I'm being unhelpful."

I work as a junior bullseye. Is that the issue? Can cashiers look up cards at normal Bullseye/Super Bullseye locations?

Or are the custy's just being spoiled brats that assume all major grocery/department store card work the sameway?

May all your custy's be sane,





EmergencyTech(Formerly CasinoEMT)

What they are thinking of are the store loyalty cards- Hellgreens, Grocery Stores, etc can all do it via phone number which gives you points. While it sucks if you lose points, imagine if I gave a random phone number and added my purchase to someone else's credit card? YIKES

Tina Siroky

Sears has their credit card, and for some reason since the dawn of time, they've been able to have a customer use their Social in order to look up their credit card. I think thats the only place that can, because theyve been able to do it since the 90s.

Account Deleted

"Other stores can do it."
"Well we are not THEM."

Jim Tuck

They're probably thinking of Macy's or Sears, who both can do that.


Kohls can do it too. I have a card there and never bring it with me. Of course the first time I forgot it they OFFERED to look it up so I know they can. I assumed it wasn't possible...


Steinmart can, but it was a major pain. We had to void out the order and the customer had to know their social and the phone number they signed up for the card with. The target I worked at could not do it.


Nope, we've never been able to do it. I feel your pain, though. I work at Guest Service sometimes and I hate it when people flip out like it is my fault that I can't look it up. Never have and, with any luck, never will.

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