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Employees calling out over the stupidest things is my biggest pet peeves of being a manager.

We have a very small staff and when one person calls out it can affect every one of us.

I also have to deal with the employees who refuse to come in on their days off to help cover when asked. These, of course, will be the same people who complain about their hours and how little money they make.

I sacrifice everything for my job (sadly- maybe I shouldn't admit it) but I will always take up the slack. I've worked 10+ hour days, gone many days at a time without a day off and very very rarely call in sick.

In fact, I kept showing up to work because I didn't want to cause problems for anyone else when I had phenumonia and a collapsed lung, which then sent me to the hospital for two weeks.

Ok, I'm an idiot, but I have a huge work ethic and it pisses me off when someone calls in with a tummy ache or with a case of lazy.





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I once called in sick due to a migraine, but that's because I have really, really bad migraines at times. I could barely get out of bed that day because of it.


Once you work in a place that will write you up for overtime or other small things after you went the extra mile, you learn to keep your head down and not draw attention to yourself. Unfortunately this means doing the bare minimum required.


Yeah... no. I'm not sacrificing my personal time for work. And I should not be expected to. Now I do have good enough work ethic to come in when I have to and only call out or leave if I am genuinely ill. Or make arrangements in advance of making plans to ensure I CAN be off, legitimately, for whatever I want to do. But no, if someone else calls in I will NOT take their shift nor will I stay late. My life and my health, which are negatively impacted by overwork, are more important to me.


You know they won't appreciate you if you're dead any more than they do if you are alive, these people are leaches. No job is worth crippling yourself over. If they've run you into the ground so badly you can't work you are in the exact same position as if you didn't have a job in the first place.

We also had a very small workforce in our old company and if one person was sick then it affected every single person, if two went off the whole system collapsed.

I get migraines and even though they are fairly high functioning ones there is no way I can work with the horrible things, in fact even less now that my place of work has changed hands and my role leaves me with more chance of being injured. My health is worth more than any job.

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