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1. I'm sure the sales assistant actually totally gave a huge fuck about your pointless talk.
2. Are you RESTRICTED from buying something that is (pointlessly, yes) deemed a "boy shirt" for your daughter? It's not like buying something for the opposite gender and wearing it MAKES you the opposite gender.
3. I can't believe you decided to create a discussion about this.
4. Nobody will give a flying crap.


GN, please re-read it. She was buying something for a promotion and the retail slave told her she couldn't get the discount because even though both were in the same sale, one was for boys and one was for girls. The custy's complaint was that it shouldn't matter because her daughter would love and wear it. The retail slave told her that her daughter would "grow out of it" and like girl things later. The custy basically said that may be true, but has no bearing on the fact that she'll love and wear both shirts, and they are both on promotion, so the price needed to be fixed.


Thank you, Ilia.

This is a hugely important post, so many clothes for girls are pink and pretty and feminine and frilly but the minute a girl wants to wear something with Bob the Builder on it or a football or a plane, it's horrible and unfeminine. If they want ambition in a supposed "male" oriented field they are ridiculed and often bullied. This bullying starts early on, including in nursery/kindergarten.

There shouldn't be different gender offers in shops, there should be child clothing offers and adult clothing offers. Some men look better in women's cut trousers, some look great in skirts if they can stand the social pressure. Some women fit better in men's cut trousers because they don't have much of a waist (like me) and prefer the androgynous look (not me). We, humans, put far too much emphasis on gender and not enough on the person which is a shame.

Sorry for the rant but my word, I feel better.

Ash Do Right

On the flip side of that my 2 year old nephew ADORES the Disney Tinkerbell movies (he pays almost no attention to any other movie or tv show but on a hunch I put on Tink one day and he sat down and watched it from beginning to end, and repeated the behaviour with all of the other ones.) I wanted to get him his own carry around copy of "Secret of the Wings" (his favourite) so me and wife (both of us are women) go to buy the dvd/bluray. While in line (holding hands of course) we are discussing his love of all things Tink and we got lectured by not just TWO other people in line but also the cashier! Apparently we are TRYING to turn him gay with fairy movies. (My theory on his devotion is that disney does girl movies better than boy movies. Better dialogue, music, and colors. Prettier)


There seems to be 2 different issues here. It says "an identical" promotion, not the same promotion. At my workplace we may have 2 for £2 on coke, and a separate promotion of 2 for £2 on lucozade. People will try to buy one of each for £2..."they're both 2 for £2", but the discount won't apply.

The Sales assistant shouldn't really be passing judgement on the OP's daughter's tastes, and people should be free to wear what they want, regardless of traditional gender roles, but the OP concedes that her daughter may change her tastes as she grows older, and seems more concerned about the money than the discrimination.


While the retail slave was probably just following company sales protocol, or just didn't give a flying fuck, he should have shut his mouth and just gotten the manager to either explain to her the specific sale or just override it in the system. I personally would have never said anything of the sort to a customer.

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