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Merchandising Fail Spotted at a Walmart Magazine Rack


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Holy shit, does this mean Rinoa is real, too? Noooooooooooo, we're doomed!!



(my head)



Final Fantasy 8 is a game that was very loathed when it came out, two major criticisms were a weapon that was basically a sword with the butt of a gun as the handle "gunblade" and one character, Rinoa, who's special attacks included using her dog like a rocket launcher, firing the animal at an enemy... thus "guns and puppies" shop is like a reference to FF8.


Gunblade I know of, although it seemed like a dumb idea. There are actual guns built into knives, but the gunblade seems to be 'fire the gun to vibrate the sword and make it cut better' rather than anything with the bullets.

The dog I didn't know. And with the upside down M from McD, that explains how the puppies 'fire'. Ew.


I've never actually played any of the (increasingly inaccurately named) Final Fantasy games...

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@Ilia: My issue with Rinoa is more that... she's... the worst female FF character to date for me. Can't do anything on her own, keeps getting intro trouble... and her "romance" with either of the guys is unbelieveable. (If Square was aiming for an RPG where the romance was the main focus, they failed)

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