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If Facebook Got Rid of Everything You Hate


From Viral Viral Videos:

Facebook is a funny place. It’s the world’s most popular social network, and we all use it on a daily basis. But strangely, even though we are all addicted to Facebook, most people seem to hate it as well. It’s a serious love-hate relationship.

So College Humor got to thinking and put together what Facebook would look like if they got rid of everything we hate.






Lessons Learned About Returning


Returnhell3From: DKendra

Had a woman call over the phone asking if she could bring in her husband’s boots, that they were wearing out already even though they had a year’s warranty.

I was new enough, I said, “Sure.”

She comes in with a beat-up pair of calf-high work boots; I mean they were ragged and seriously USED. Turned out that the boot she brought back was one the company had carried THREE years previously and not since. Over warranty and beat all to hell and she wanted her money back!

Company said, “No,” but let me deliver the news since I was the one who didn't say, “I’ll have to look at them first.”

Lesson learned!





One Incident, And No Blades For Anybody


Jason chainsawFrom: TK

Where I used to work, we used one of those credit card style knives, with the thick-as-a-slightly-unmaintained-thumbnail blade in one corner (similar to this, but the blade was smaller and had less of a gap).

Anyway, the point is, it is pretty much impossible to get hurt with it, as the blade, such as it was (once you got the the sharp bit), was pretty much hopeless.

Anyway someone, someHOW, managed to cut their the top of their finger off with one, so after that we had no blades at all, company wide (we’re talking a multi-million pound retailer here).

Another retailer I worked for had boxes covered in sticky tape to make them near enough impossible to get into containing… …cotton wool!! It’s not like it shatters/is super-fragile is it? And yet the fragile/gooey stuff like shampoo/shower gel/fragrance comes in flimsy, crappy cardboard.

Also, has anyone noticed how (especially in winter) it’s not the blades that cut your skin til it bleeds, but the f******g cardboard boxes?!