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Religious Freaks: A Good Prayer To Offer When Invited


WwfsmdFrom: Hypothetical

Oh I don't know, I think if you're going to be invited to pray with a table, you should bring your own Restaurant-God themed prayer along for the ride!

Our Pasta who art in Space,
Spaghetti be thy name,
Thy saucedom come,
Thy Meatball be done,
On my plate as it is in space,
Give us this day our daily garlic bread,
Lead us not into alfredo,
Ahhhh, Yum.

I can't stop myself sometimes from digging at religious nutbags who can't keep their fantasies to themselves.

I mean, if you want to believe that there is an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful all loving thing up in the sky who cares whether you bend over and pray to him or not, and will spank you if you don't, you're more than welcome to do so. But, DON'T shove it in my face, or we will have words. Religious Freedom works both ways.





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