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Smokers Get More Breaks Than The Rest Of Us?!


Carolanne fuck you1From: Laughing Barista

I have no problem with people smoking cigarettes but I hate it when people use it as an excuse to get a "break."

As a non-smoker, I am not at liberty to take these five minute breaks that everyone else takes so they should either take them less often or quicker. This is probably the biggest issue at my store. People take five to twenty minute cigarette breaks (I kid you not) and claim because they're addicted and need it.

I get it. I used to smoke. But that is no reason to take advantage of the situation.

Whenever I bring this up to management they just shrug it off and say, "Well, when they're working they're great!"

Bah! Maybe I should take cigarette breaks and if managers bitch, just shrug and say "If cigarette users can take extra breaks whenever they want, so will I."

--Laughing Barista





I think a lot of this depends on the manager. The worst manager at my shop (it's been owned by 4 different companies but I'm still there, hmmm I am worried it's me now) was a smoker and all her favourite staff were smokers too, they would all go off in their little clique to smoke and take their sweet time returning. In the end the non-smokers were getting genuinely pissed off with this so we would have tea breaks after they'd had their smoke. There was nothing she could do because the smoke breaks were getting silly so it was either let us have them or it was going to go higher up.

Now, I am hoping the manager who transferred over with us will still be our manager after training and he is a non-smoker. While he doesn't like smoking, he understands the addiction but also will not tolerate everyone going out mob handed for ages. Actually one of the smokers is pretty avid about not taking the micky so she takes her cigs over her breaks and expects others to do the same. It's going to be interesting.


I once worked at a place where there were several smokers who took up to 10 breaks a day. As a non-smoker, I of course kept working. Then I decided that I would start taking "smoke breaks", and just walked away from my work area the way the smokers did. I was very careful to be exactly 5 minutes, and only took a couple a day (because frankly, there's not much to do in 5 minutes, and it was more boring than work). Soon, the management starting requiring smokers to clock out for their break, although they would credit back in the first 15 minutes. Cut down on the breaks quite a bit.
Of course, I think that was the only thing that management got right at that job....


About the only thing you can do in 5 minutes is run to the bathroom. Sometimes that's necessary too.


Yeah we had people do that from time to time at my last job. Us non-smokers would do the same, since if they are entitled to a break then so were we. Definitely help cut down on the unscheduled breaks with the smokers, since the call floor got pretty empty when everyone wandered off.


This is one of the reasons I started smoking and why you'll find many people in the health care industry smoke. It was almost impossible to get a break, but slipping outside for a quick smoke was understandable.

Ian Miller

That's genius, Molly!

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