Smokers Get More Breaks Than The Rest Of Us?!
Sidewalk Signage: Eat Your Friends!

Vintage Ads: Celebrate Your Manhood With The Stuffed Heads Of Your Conquests!


Ads stuffed head

"Blondes, redheads and brunettes for every man to boast of his conquests... the first realistic likeness of the exciting women who play an important part in every man's life... and one of the nicest qualities is that they don't talk back! Accurately modeled to three quarters life size of real gals and molded of skin-textured pliable plastic, these heads are so life-like they almost breathe. Saucy glittering eyes, full sensuous mouth and liquid satin complexion, combined with radiant hair colors give astonishing realism to these rare and unique Trophies. Blondes, redhead or brunette mounted on a genuine mahogany plaque is complete and ready to hang on the wall for excitement and conversation."



Dayne Chastant

Honor House used to be a big novelties company. I remember getting a catalog from them when I was a kid.

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