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10 White Lies We All Tell


From Huff Po:

Check out the pics below for all the lies you KNOW you use:


  • 10
    You have never seen this face before, in this or any other life.
  • 9
    You hear nothing!
  • 8
    You said the same thing about the last five photos. Love means nothing to you!
  • 7
    But the pages in your date book are all blank!
  • 6
    Yeah, swamped with lies!  
  • 5
    • Funny how your phone dies just when you want it to and not at an inopportune time, like it does for EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO HAS EVER LIVED.
    • 4
      You never had any intention of doing that thing. Your only intention was LYING.
    • 3
      Oh, you mean contact me once a year when Facebook tells you it's my birthday??
    • 2
      You haven't left your house yet. You may not have even left your bed.
    • 1
      We believe you.




Account Deleted

Well now, Lie #1 I generally do because I'm sure people expect a polite answer and aren't REALLY interested in my current emotional or mental state.

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