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Call center hell1From: Angie

I worked at a call center for Indiana University for about two months. We would try to solicit donations from alumni, parents etc. etc.

It was HELL because the hours were awful and people were just really cruel! Look, I'm sorry your son has no full fledged professors yet (We have a lot of PhD students who teach lower level classes) or that your daughter keeps getting locked out of her room. She should be responsible enough to keep her key with her!

These people honestly thought I controlled tuition rates. Sorry I don't.

Oh the people that ran the place were also pretty awful. For one thing they didn't train us well AT ALL and threatened to write us up for everything. I mean, I thought it was worse than telemarketing but I'm probably wrong. Maybe it just felt worse cause it's my school and students need these funds.

Ugh universities, I like school but I know it's expensive.




Account Deleted

"Dear Sir/Ma'am, if your child is too irresponsible to keep a key on their person to be able to enter their room at all times, perhaps s/he should move back in at home, so that this issue does not happen again. What do you mean she'd have to drop out of college? That's not my problem."

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