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Jason NyerpFrom: Retailcomicslover

I was an outside vendor once at a BJ’s.

The lady would not let a women in with a dog. The dog was wearing a harness, no banner and the lady was holding the dog by a special handle attached to the harness.

Anyone could tell it was a guide dog for the visually impaired.

The woman also had dark glasses and a cane. The sign said "NO dogs allowed except guide dogs accompanying Blind Persons."

That is what the lady was, but the lady at the front door threw a fit. The blind lady’s companion had to run into the store to get a manager to help.

The manager got on the employee's case, of course.

the employee's defense? "Well how would I know it was a guide dog?"

And yet some people let those little pocket dogs in... WOW!!



Account Deleted

Come on. There's a woman in my neighborhood, have seen her while I was growing up, practically, and while I don't know exactly what is wrong with her eyesight, she's with a big black seeing-eye dog and a cane. It's not that hard to notice.


I would have found it hard to resist asking that employee "what are you, blind?"

But that is because my brain gets stuck in neutral when I see that much stupid in one place.


If this is in the US, then the store cannot limit it to guide dogs for blind people, but must also allow service animals for other conditions as well.
On top of that, if a person states that the animal is a service animal, you can (and I'm not even 100% sure this is allowed) ask what service the animal provides, but you cannot ask for papers or other proof.

Sales Agent Guy

Sounds like possible bigotry on the employee's part.

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