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Dumbass 2From: Ilia

Things I have overheard in stores that makes me depressed to be an American:

Poinot noir - pronounced "pin-ot noyer"

Home depot - home -de-pot ("If the letter is silent it should also be invisible!")

Hors d'oeuvres - Horse dough-ee-oo-vers

Fajitas - fah-gee-tas ("We're in America, you pronounce them in American!")

Dear foreign countries, on behalf of those of us who don't suck, we're sorry for our village idiots....




Account Deleted

"Damn furenners, cain't you learn to speak OUR language with your funny words?"


It's even worse when the staff in a specialty store "corrects" the customer when the customer is saying it right and the staff is wrong. I went into a wine store and asked for a claret. The salesperson snootily informed me that it is "clar-ay". Um... no it isn't. Um... no. It's a british term so it's not pronounced in a french way.


Ooh! Interesting trivia there SS. I would have assumed it had the French pronunciation.

Kai Lowell

My family and I pronounce Depot as "dee-pot" as a JOKE, but I shouldn't be surprised to realize there are people who think that's actually how it's pronounced...

Sales Agent Guy

I thought it was 'o-derves.' Shows what I know!

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