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So Broke That A Purchase Becomes An Occasion


Jason pirate boxFrom: Dee

I forget what the discount was for the store employees–25%, I think, but you had to use the store card to get it.

My credit was so bad at the time (lots & lots of unemployment leading to all sorts of problems) that I think I only got a card because I worked there! Ridiculously low line of credit, as I recall (for me, I mean).

But technically I worked for one of the lease companies, so on the goods I actually sold, there was a different discount, which could vary a bit. The only piece I ever bought from the jewelry was originally $250-300, and I got it for $65-75 IIRC.

And naturally I didn’t do a lot of shopping, which always stunned my coworkers. They never did get the “this is half my income!” bit.

It was an occasion whenever I did buy something on break and tucked it under the counter.



Employee Discounts: Depends On The Markup


RHU couponFrom: J

Walmart gives 10%, but only on general merchandise and fresh produce, and any food item that comes from a vendor (Coke, Frito Lay, etc.. in other words, junk food). Does not work on clearance or if you do a price match. It covers tax and a little bit extra.

At my job now, selling appliance parts, we get *massive* discounts on parts – the other day I bought new drip pans for my stove. Retail would have been over $80. I paid around $7.

But then some other things like the air fresheners, flashlights, etc, we only get a few dollars off. I think it depends on what the markup is but I’m not sure.



Dumbass Custys: There's French, And Then There's American Smartassery


Dumbass 2From: Ilia

Things I have overheard in stores that makes me depressed to be an American:

Poinot noir - pronounced "pin-ot noyer"

Home depot - home -de-pot ("If the letter is silent it should also be invisible!")

Hors d'oeuvres - Horse dough-ee-oo-vers

Fajitas - fah-gee-tas ("We're in America, you pronounce them in American!")

Dear foreign countries, on behalf of those of us who don't suck, we're sorry for our village idiots....



Patrick Stewart Starts a Pizza Discussion on Twitter: Do You Eat The Crust?


From The Daily What:

It’s been two years since Patrick Stewart ate his first real slice of pizza, and suddenly he is making pizza-related headlines again by sparking a contentious debate about crust.

He tweeted the above photo out on Thursday of his nearly empty plates, posing a question to all of his followers.


The immediate reaction to this post was outrage that the “Star Trek” star would dare eat pizza with a knife and fork. Blasphemy! But he was quick to clear up any confusion.


There are plenty of people arguing that it’s important to eat the whole thing no matter what:




And here are some who think it’s certainly not a sin to leave some stray dough behind:




There are also those riding the fence, and think it depends on a number of circumstances:


And then there is weirdo: