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It has gotten stupid... ATMs were originally advertised as free because they meant the banks didn't need to hire as many tellers... I've seen fees as high as 5$ for normal ones, and even more in captive audience situations like airports.


If it's an ATM from your own bank, there's not a fee. Or at least I've never seen them charge because it IS your money that you store with THEM. If you have, say, Wells Fargo and you go to a First National ATM, it's not your money you're taking out, it's money belonging to First National which they then take from your account at Wells Fargo.

Long story short, I understand it's frustrating to get charged a service charge, but if you CAN help it, try to use an ATM that belongs to your own bank and you don't have to worry.


A vast majority of our (UK) hole-in-the-walls are free, the only ones that possibly charge are the independent ones that don't belong to banks but to finance companies and the like that put them in run down areas where banks don't want to risk their machines. It's basically another poor tax. I am delighted to say they are getting rarer though.


Lol- I got so pissed one time when I got a fee for just viewing my balance, which the ATM didn't tell me about. Turns out my own bank charges it, not the ATM itself, so it couldn't warn me about it. Doesn't happen at all 3rd party ATMs, but some, usually in gas stations etc. Now I'm really careful not to check my balance if it's not just displayed as part of withdrawing money. Though it really sucks b/c if you *need* to know your balance to know how much you can take out, then you probably can't afford a $3 fee just to look at it, and can't afford an overdraft either. Ugh. And these 3rd party ATMs can't actually warn you your bank will do this b/c they can't know the policies for all banks and the ATM itself doesn't charge for that. So nasty surprise later, huh?

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Yeah, pretty sure this guy tried to withdraw cash from an ATM that was not the bank he was a customer with. I generally only get money from the ATMs of my bank (and my mother's when she tells me to get money out for her, same bank) though when in real dire need and no other ATM is there, I will (grudingly) use the ATM from another bank and agree to the 2-3€ fee for doing so.


Back in the early 2000s someone I knew banked at Wells Fargo - until she found out they charged $1.50 for her to check her balance on their ATM - next to their drive-up, so on their property. She closed that account post haste.

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