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MIT Cheetah Robot Has Learned a New Trick


Over the years I've posted quite a few of the MIT robot videos and each time they get faster and more mobile. It's amazing and exciting to watch the advancement of these robots....and also terrifying...

From ABC7:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's robotic cheetah is back and it's got a new trick up its sleeve.

MIT released video of its now famous robot landing a series of running jumps.

What makes this so impressive is that researchers have trained the robot to see and sense obstacles in its path and then jump on its own.

So far, the cheetah has successfully cleared obstacles up to 18 inches tall, more than half of the robot's own height, while running an average of 5 miles per hour.






Toxic Managers: Better To Retain A Shitty Customer Than To let One Complain


Asshat bossesFrom: Timekeeper's Twit

Oh man, I used to work for another kiosk known for their jewelry and piercing ears.

Now let me preface by saying I hardly EVER call in sick if I can help it. I've actually been sent home from the watch store while being asked, "Why the hell did you come in today?"

But I digress.

Anyway so during my brief stint at Piercing Hell, I managed to get my happy ass sick the day before the vice president of the company was to make a visit. Oh and let's not forget the store manager, (who is a selfish bitch) magically has a funeral to go to that same day. so guess who was to open? Me.

I skipped my last class and got myself home to find I indeed had a 103 degree fever. I was about to call the manager but she calls me first.

Before I could get out a word she goes off on this laundry list of things that need to be done for the next day.

I finally manage to tell her I don't think I'm coming in because I have a fever and am laying in bed and she goes crazy! Begging me, "Oh please you have to! You're the only one that can open!" Guilt Guilt Guilt.

I flat out tell her, "No. If this fever goes any higher I have to go to the hospital. I'm not coming in."

Did I also mention this is my FIRST time calling in?

Anyway so a little while later while all I wanna do is sleep and I keep getting interrupted, I get a message from my other co worker relaying from my DM that I now have to call *insert lots of other locations* or go in myself, or I'd be written up.

Fortunately, she was nice enough to try to help unlike my store manager and tried to call other stores, and found someone for me.

I went to bed and stayed there for about three days. The Vice President never showed... This is just one example of the shittiest manager I have ever worked for.

--Timekeeper's Twit

Call Center Hell: University Solicitations


Call center hell1From: Angie

I worked at a call center for Indiana University for about two months. We would try to solicit donations from alumni, parents etc. etc.

It was HELL because the hours were awful and people were just really cruel! Look, I'm sorry your son has no full fledged professors yet (We have a lot of PhD students who teach lower level classes) or that your daughter keeps getting locked out of her room. She should be responsible enough to keep her key with her!

These people honestly thought I controlled tuition rates. Sorry I don't.

Oh the people that ran the place were also pretty awful. For one thing they didn't train us well AT ALL and threatened to write us up for everything. I mean, I thought it was worse than telemarketing but I'm probably wrong. Maybe it just felt worse cause it's my school and students need these funds.

Ugh universities, I like school but I know it's expensive.