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From The Daily What:

It’s been two years since Patrick Stewart ate his first real slice of pizza, and suddenly he is making pizza-related headlines again by sparking a contentious debate about crust.

He tweeted the above photo out on Thursday of his nearly empty plates, posing a question to all of his followers.


The immediate reaction to this post was outrage that the “Star Trek” star would dare eat pizza with a knife and fork. Blasphemy! But he was quick to clear up any confusion.


There are plenty of people arguing that it’s important to eat the whole thing no matter what:




And here are some who think it’s certainly not a sin to leave some stray dough behind:




There are also those riding the fence, and think it depends on a number of circumstances:


And then there is weirdo:


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If I'm paying for a pizza, I'll damn well eat the whole pizza, crust and all. Not letting good food go to waste, and really, it's just the pizza place being cheap if the toppings don't go within a bites distance of the crust.


The crust is usually my favorite part, honestly. If I'm too full for a whole piece but still want more I'll ask my husband if I can have the crust from his piece.

Account Deleted

I generally eat pizza with my hand and eat the crust. Sometimes I leave part of the crust cause I'm too full or my jaw hurts too much from chewing.


Almost always, yeah. And if I don't eat them then, I often save them and reheat them with the cold pizza later when I have the leftovers. I usually like pizza bones.

It's the one thing pizza slut does well, with the stuffed crust. Most of their pizza is pretty crap, but those are good.


I'll eat the crust if I can get some ranch dressing. Since there's nothing else on the crust, I dip the crust like a bread stick and zomg yummm!

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