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RHU Classic Call Center Hell: Psycho Custy Caught On Recording


This story was originally posted on: June 01, 2010


Call center skull 2It's the Hallway Troll here!

I haven't written in a while for various reasons, including the fact that for a while there I got moved to the day shift. I won't get into the fact that I got half the hours I was promised, never received my bonuses for getting employee of the month (twice!) because it was technically the "previous year" (even tho I found out and received my plaque in THIS year) and the incentive wasn't in place at the time blah blah busllshit.

Instead I wanted to share an audio clip from my husband's former workplace. This is a real customer phone call.

The employee, not my husband, made the call because crazy custy submitted his phone number specifically to be contacted by this mortgage company.

This got passed around internally and my husband sent it to me almost 2 years ago. My husband has since quite the job because it was making him physically ill to deal with this all the time.

Just have a listen. All you out there who have never had the pleasure of dealing with the screaming custy can now hear what we're all talking about.

But be warned! It'll make you jump. Don't wear headphones, and keep the volume low. I nearly shit myself the first time I heard it.

On a happier note I am proud to say that I have turned in my two weeks at the hotel hell. Unfortunately those two weeks are being spent back on 3rd shift, and there's hockey teams coming in. Since management says I was/am the only competent auditor they have they fired one useless co-worker and want me to train the newest troll before I'm free. I would like to think that this may be my last job in retail, but I know better than to think that.

--Hallway Troll

Download Psycho Ccusty 


Jason crossTranscript:

CSR: Thank you for calling customer relations, this is Scott, how can I help you?

CRUSTY: Scott, my name is Ted Russell. Someone from your operation is harassing us. They are calling for a woman that does not live here, has never lived here and I think all offers of money loans over the phone are scams. So I've been contacted five times over the last two days, on a Sunday, in my home and I had this BITCH, this CUNT just call me back and tell me I should have respect. Now you can go through your operator, she was the woman asking for Debbie. Now we are on the national do not call list, so what're you gonna do for me?

CSR: I will remove everything from our system to ensure you don't receive a phone call anymore. I apologize that she --

CRUSTY: I would like you to reprimand the operator. She was wasting my time, I just screamed at her in front of my children. I mean, I have done nothing wrong. I am descended from four founding families in America and this woman calls me with some kind of accent, telling me to have respect? I'd like to go wherever you people are and beat her head in with a lead pipe.

CSR: Sir, I do think you're overreacting a bit.


CSR: I'm gonna remove your number.


CSR: It came up here sir.

CRUSTY: FUCK YOUUU!!! *hangs up*




Account Deleted

Goddamn right, your founding fathers didn't cross 5000 Miles of ocean to see this country be taken over by IMMIGRANTS, right, Scott?


That guy had a lot more patience with the asshat than I would have. Shrieking at me is the quickest way to get to talk to Mr Dial Tone.


Or to ensure he gets robocalls until he smashes his cellphone against a wall.

"Why of course I'll take you off the list"

*Spends next hour adding that number to every robocall known to man and internet*

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