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Jason pirate boxFrom: Dee

I forget what the discount was for the store employees–25%, I think, but you had to use the store card to get it.

My credit was so bad at the time (lots & lots of unemployment leading to all sorts of problems) that I think I only got a card because I worked there! Ridiculously low line of credit, as I recall (for me, I mean).

But technically I worked for one of the lease companies, so on the goods I actually sold, there was a different discount, which could vary a bit. The only piece I ever bought from the jewelry was originally $250-300, and I got it for $65-75 IIRC.

And naturally I didn’t do a lot of shopping, which always stunned my coworkers. They never did get the “this is half my income!” bit.

It was an occasion whenever I did buy something on break and tucked it under the counter.




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