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The Death Threat aka I'm Not Paid Enough For This


Story from Reddit:

Jason RawrFrom: RedBullRyan

This happened a couple of months ago now, but the effects are still on going.

I work in a betting shop in the UK and the presence of alcohol on the premises is forbidden by law, despite this, almost every single day someone will try and drink in the shop, most will just apologize and take it outside, and at worst get a little pissy, but not this customer.

I also want to stress that this was 9.30 in morning, as my shop opened up a semi-regular walks in through the door, he sat straight in the blind spot in the cameras and proceeded to start writing out a couple of bets. It didn't take long before I heard the sound of a can of some sorts being put on the counter in front of him and heard it open. Usually it'd be an energy drink/coke or something but this guy is a well known alcoholic who spends his day roaming the streets drinking cheap cider.

With a sigh I go over to him to give him the usual speech: "Alcohol is not allowed in here, please remove it from the premises."

Him: "Why?"

Me: "Because it is against the law to drink in a betting shop, we could both be fined, and I could lose my job."

Not sure what I said but it seemed to aggravate this scum bag who then started on me.

Freddy Choke JasonHim: "Who the fuck do you think you are? Some jumped up little prick who thinks he's all that because he manages a betting shop. You can't tell me what to fucking do."

Me: "Look mate, I'm not after any trouble, I'm just doing my job. You can go outside and down it for all I care, but you just can't have it in here."

Shit for brains then decided the best course of action would be to empty the can into the rubbish bin next to him, which I would obviously have to clean up if I didn't want the shop stinking for the next 12 hours I had to sit in it. I wasn't going to stand for it so I told him to leave, and that I wasn't going to put up with his attitude and clean up his cider. Apparently he didn't like this either.

Him: "You are a fucking cunt mate, you wait until your leaving tonight, I'll be fucking waiting and I'll smash your head on the fucking pavement."

Me: "Ok great, don't ever bother coming back then, your barred. I'm not paid to put up with abuse."

Him: "You just wait til 10 o'clock, I'll be there"

I just ignored it. Threats like this are quite common in my place of work, I usually just brush it off, as no-one ever really follows through.

I do the usual procedures, phone security, inform them what has happened, they give the usual unhelpful responses; "Be vigilant when closing," etc.

Lo and behold I get to 10 and no-one is there for me.

Carolanne baldFast forward a day and I'm working again, the shop is empty at around 7:30pm, so I sneak out for a well earned cigarette before everyone comes in to watch the football, this is when scumbag decides to walk down the street, drunk and shouting abuse.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you, you fucking wait," blah blah

So I go in the shop, and lock the door with the magnetic lock from behind the counter, and watched him spend the next two hours waiting outside, swearing at me through the door and trying to take it off it's hinges. I was getting quite scared at this point to rang the security team again who told me not to phone the police as this would be in violation of my contract with the company and my employment could be terminated. Luckily my cleaner turned up at 9:30 and he bolted.

My contract says I have to abide by all of my companies policies in the latest retail handbook which says inside that if I am in immediate danger to hit the silent alarm, which will alert someone at security who will ring the police after looking through the cameras.

There has been a lot on problem gambling in the house of commons lately, and my company, and others like it are worried that if every incident is reported to the police and they have realistic police statistics then we could face increased taxes/regulations/revoking of licenses.

Jason snootyI got a taxi home for the next week or two but eventually after not seeing him for ages I decided it would be safe to walk again. Well apparently not: he was sitting 5 minutes up the road and happened to see me as I was walking past from a distance (he was in a supermarket car park) and I saw him get up out of the corner of my eye before I pretty much bolted.

I got home safely but on the radio the next morning I heard police appealing for witnesses to a serious assault that happened where I was, at the same time last night, I assume he got a case of mistaken identity/was too drunk to see who I was but some poor bloke is in the hospital and it was meant to be me.

I still see him every now and then, he doesn't say anything to me but makes a point of staring me down/giving me the finger, maybe he knows I could dob him in if I wanted to, or maybe he's just biding his time.

All I know is I'm not paid enough for this fucking shit.




Account Deleted

"Who the fuck do you think you are?"
Uh, the guy managing this place, giving you more than enough authority to throw out people who are not abiding by the rules...

No, but if he's even stalking you (yes, stalking) to the point of you just being on your way to work - which is your leisure time until you set foot inside your place of work - you have every right to call the police on him then and there AND file a restraining order. Actually, file a restraining order ASAP, anyway.

Also, tch, yeah, why should the government know how REALLY prone to violence their citizens are. That would just be... inconvenient.


If they were concerned about bad press ask them if they'd like people to read about you being assaulted or murdered by a customer in front of the store? Fuck them, call the police. Use your own phone.

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