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Restaurant Gives Year’s Supply of Socks to Custy Who Peed on Himself



From The Daily What:

This might be one of the worst designed toilets in all of Scotland.

A man named Gordie Wallace was dining at a restaurant called the Handmade Burger Company this week, when he had a little mishap in the bathroom.

For some odd reason, the hand dryer is in the stall. It can very easily be triggered, resulting in an accidental monsoon of urine, as Wallace experienced and describes in detail here.

Due to the poor design of your bathrooms and unfortunate placing of the automatic hand dryer, half way during my urination the hand dryer decided to go on full pelt thus blowing my pish stream all over the place, nearly all over my trousers and sadly leaving me with a soggy trainer on my left foot. I’m now going to be forced to throw out my sodden sock, walk about with a pishy foot and now believe I have developed a phobia of hand dryers.

He posted the image above along with his rant on the company’s Facebook page Sunday.

5It was meant to be “tongue in cheek,” as he later explained on his own page, but that didn’t stop the restaurant from responding in the best way possible.

The left the following comment on his post Monday, along with a photo of their staff wearing face masks and aprons and holding an umbrella.

Hi Gordie, we’re really sorry to hear about your experience in our Union Square restaurant. This is the first time that this has happened in the five years that we have been open. We’d like to send you a pair of trainers and a supply of socks every month for a year to compensate. Also, as you can see from the picture attached, we have asked all of our restaurant teams to perform rigorous tests in their toilets to ensure that this is a one-off experience as a result of this. If you’d like to direct message us your home address we will be able to arrange your trainers and sock subscription.

Well played, Handmade Burger Company.

And now people are posting various images of other poorly designed bathrooms in the comments. Here are a few.






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