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Jason ArghFrom: Chronoblivion

I remember being at the store during a brief power outage once. I was a kid, don't remember what age but probably 8, +/- 1 year.

I had somehow come into the possession of a dollar, and decided to buy myself a large pack of gum.

The price was $.77 or something like that, and without the computer to do the math for her, the teenage cashier couldn't figure out the change.

I don't remember the exact amount she handed back to me, but I think it was over 80 cents. I took one look at it and said "This is too much."

I ended up having to tell her how much she owed me.

Sad when someone in high school can't do elementary school math, but I see it all the time now.





Account Deleted

Um, 23 cents back, right? I'm not the best at math, but I can do simple stuff like that. Even if I can't do it within 3 seconds or so.


I struggle with math, I'm 25, and I have learning disablities. However, since I'm poor in math and I was working in a place where the cash register wasn't working, I would get a calculator, or a piece of paper and pen. Simple subtraction, it just takes me a few. XD

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