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Cat Sneaks on Glider and Goes For a Ride


From Viral Viral Videos:

Romain Jantot was taking a passenger on a usual flight on his glider in French Guyana when he noticed a stowaway. No it wasn’t a person, but a cat! The little kitty must have sneaked onto the glider after the pre-flight check, because he doesn’t know how it got there. You can just see the cat’s instant regret as it holds on for dear life.

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Cat: Oh god Why? Why why why why? Meoooow! Oh God I can't hear myself meow! Whyyyy?


Please return your feline to its upright and not scared shitless position after landing.

She didn't seem to be in any real danger as long as she stayed there, and happily GTFO once the guy tried to help extricate her.

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