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Discount Rats: Monday Is Not Part Of The Weekend Sale


Discountrat1From: aussiedoglady

A customer pulls up in the carpark in her big Toorak Tractor, ignores my greeting and starts messing around with the dog beds. Whatever.

Fifteen minutes later she stomps around the corner, "I need a hand with the big beds."

I wander around to see she's thrown a couple on the floor. We had a sale on beds over the weekend. Now, today being Monday, one would logically assume that the weekend, and hence the sale, is over.

Her: "How much are these after the fifteen percent off?"

Me: "Uhh... that sale was only for the weekend, sorry."

Customer points to the ONE sign I had missed when ripping them down like crazy this morning. It reads something like "15% off beds this weekend."

I curse myself to the depths of hell for missing that one.

Me: "That sale was over the previous weekend. Today is Monday."

Her: "What, so I don't get anything off this bed?"

Me: "No. Monday isn't part of the weekend. The weekend is Saturday and Sunday."

Carolanne chanelTo make my point I tear up the sign in front of her. She gives me a filthy look, and then asks me how much it is, whilst taking the time to remind me that they were all fifteen percent off.

I sigh and haul the bed up to the registers and tell her how much it is.

Her: "So I can't have fifteen percent off? Your sale said fifteen percent off."

Me: "That was only for the weekend. Today. Is. Monday."

She stands there for a while going through the zippered sections on the bed. Stall all you want lady. In the meantime I'll practice trying to use the Force on you.

Her: "Well I don't want it then. I thought your beds were on sale, guess I was wrong."

She leaves all the dog beds thrown on the floor, and leaves.


Moral of the story: If you EVER have a sale, make sure you tear down and burn every single poster advertising it. And then go through the shop twice to make sure they're all gone. BURN THEM ALL IF YOU MUST.





Interesting fact. In Canada, if an old sale tag is left up the customer gets the product free if it is under $10.00 or if over $10.00 gets $10.00 off the correct price. Yes, they actually legislated this.

That said, how clever do you have to be to understand Monday is not part of week-END?


Actually, that's incorrect it's not legislated.
It's a program that SOME stores are part of, not all.
It's also $10 less than the lowest advertised/displayed price.
It's called the Scanning code of conduct
Shoppers Drug Mart , LD, and a lot of big name stores are a part of it but not all.

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