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Fast Markdown or Hot Seller: The Poo Emoji Dress


A new dress by Betabrand will let the world know how shitty you feel! Or perhaps that you won't take any shit from anyone. It would also be excellent attire or those who like to stir the shit up.


It's available for pre-order but has actually already been marked down to $106.20. Could be a special or maybe Betabrand has realized what a shitty idea it was in the first place and the Poo Emoji dress is about to get picked up with a plastic bag and taken to the nearest garbage can. We can only hope. You can be fined for leaving poo where people can step in it. 


Poo Emoji and a Martini, let the shit disturbing begin.







Account Deleted

I honestly had to look harder to see this poo emoji... I still don't know what it is (or means if it has specific meaning aside from hahaha, look, it's poooooo!) but from afar it looks like a simple patterned dress.


My sister sent me a text message consisting only of the poo emoji earlier this evening. If I hadn't been banned from giving her butt-related gifts (after Walter the Farting Dog and fart-proof underwear) I would totally order this for her just to see her reaction.


Absolutely fast markdown- I mean, what?

Also, this campaign strikes me as one of those where it might accidentally sell a different product really well- I totally want the model's lipstick, that red is flawless, just the right blue-red shade (orange-red makes lots of us look awful/like a clown/sickly). I've seen another ad that was for a wine glass or something, and everyone was asking about the model's nail polish color in the comments and buying it up. :P

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