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Math Is Hard, Even For Managers


Carolanne herp derpFrom: I_did_not_bow

It's much more common than you'd think. I had a part time waitress gig, and I knew a girl my age (16 or 17) who applied for a job there. We had been friends during middle school, but at that point we were more or less acquaintances.

She did pretty well--had a pleasant personality and nobody caught her texting etc.

But she COULD NOT count back change, and therefore wasn't hired. It was well an truly uncomfortable watching her stare blankly at the wall, holding crumpled dollars bills in her hands while she laboriously tried to count in her head. She couldn't do it.

Don't get me started on fast food. Half of the managers couldn't even count change. There were dozens of times the entire drive thru halted because someone cashed out wrong and could not, for the life of them, figure out the correct change without the aid of the register.

Just sad. :(




Can't Count Change, Unless You're Under Ten Years Old


Jason ArghFrom: Chronoblivion

I remember being at the store during a brief power outage once. I was a kid, don't remember what age but probably 8, +/- 1 year.

I had somehow come into the possession of a dollar, and decided to buy myself a large pack of gum.

The price was $.77 or something like that, and without the computer to do the math for her, the teenage cashier couldn't figure out the change.

I don't remember the exact amount she handed back to me, but I think it was over 80 cents. I took one look at it and said "This is too much."

I ended up having to tell her how much she owed me.

Sad when someone in high school can't do elementary school math, but I see it all the time now.