So Broke That A Purchase Becomes An Occasion
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RHU Themes For The Month of June




Sale Hell: As summer creeps ever closer, those summer sales start rearing their ugly heads. Share with us your stories of Sale Hell! Tell us your messy aftermath stories, customer brawls, poorly planned scheduling done by managers, or just about anything that turned a discount opportunity into Black Friday's twin sister.

Discount Rats: Related to sale hell, these stories focus on the customers themselves. They'll look for ANYTHING to get a discount. It could be a "flaw" in the product itself to just having a bad experience and demanding a discount to compensate for that. They may have coupons that they want to apply to the wrong product, or way want to apply two coupons to a single item.

Toxic Coworkers: We faced down bad managers, now we must confront the coworker version. From sabotage to laziness. From getting into bed with a manager in order to get away with murder, to always calling you to cover and then refusing to return the favor. Give us stories of coworkers you would love to see fall off the face of the earth... 


Sale Fails: Is it discounted by a penny? Not discounted at all? MORE expensive than it should be? Discounted off of a higher price? Send us pictures of sales that just aren't sales.

WTF Headlines: News stories involve dealing with the public, and when you want to make your article interesting, it's a good idea to make the headline eye-catching. Sometimes that happens for all the wrong reasons. Whether it's a headline that was strangely phrased, or else contains a strange subject matter, we'd like to see what goofs and blunders have been published for all to see.

Crazy Customer Complaints/Comments: I turn you loose upon the internet to find the funniest, strangest, dumbest or just outright facepalm worthy complaints that customers have posted on the internet. Whiny Yelp reviews that get flattened by rebuttals by the company? Yeah we want those too! Oh, and if you want to haunt amazon for hilarious comments on products that they sell, please grab those too!

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We'd also love to hear from you if you have an idea for a future RHU theme!

 Have a Happy June RHU!





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